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UPS Track and Trace – too local

UPS Track & Trace 1I used UPS to send a parcel to Portugal. The location information shown on the UPS track & trace website is too local. The location it gives me is “Chilly-Mazarin, France”. I had never heard of this so I wondered whether it was a sea port near Calais or perhaps an airport near the Pyrenees.







I looked it up and it seems to be a small village or subdivision.

UPC Track 2







Again no.

It’s actually Orly international airport in Paris.

UPS Tracking 3


So, my rant is this – why on earth would you show the local village name on your international track & trace website, instead of the international airport name or the city name (Paris).

Imagine if you were in Paris and you sent freight via Heathrow. Why would you want to see that it’s actually in Stanwell village or Colnbrook village (where the freight agents’ sheds are located)? No, you would want to know that it is at Heathrow.