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Windows Sockets (Winsock) errors & codes

Windows Sockets or Winsock is a clone of the original Berkeley sockets library. The API does not provide a means to translate error codes into a meaningful text, but the list at the following link does that.

Windows Sockets provides Windows and applications for Windows with a means of communicating over the internet. Applications do not need to write their own ground-up sockets but can utilise the functionality in this library.

When the API encounters an error, it reports this back to the consuming application using a numeric error code. That application may choose to show the winsock error number to the user, but that is not very useful. To understand what the error code means, you need a translation.

This website turns Winsock errors into meaningful explanations: Winsock error codes at

You may have seen examplesof Winsock errors more frequently than you think. Here’s an example from Outlook Express:

Apple TV – why it sucks

apple tvI was given an Apple TV by my employer as a Christmas gift. Here is my review of why Apple TV is terrible.
The main problems are features and quality.

The Apple TV lacks features. Badly. If even the most basic and ancient smart TV or media device can come shipped with BBC iPlayer, why can the Apple TV also not have it? Why can it not have 4OD? ITV Player? The list of omissions is pretty long.
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