Learn Hungarian

Learning any new language is difficult, especially when one is studying alone from text books. Far better results will be obtained by supplementing this self-study with lessons from a native-speaking teacher.

When I was learning Hungarian, I hired two separate teachers to assist me.  This was invaluable because they could answer my questions, something a book cannot do, and moreover because I could hear the sound of the language spoken by a native Hungarian teacher.


However, finding a teacher in the first place is not always easy.  How do I find a native Hungarian teacher? I was lucky because an acquaintance put me in touch with one teacher, and she then put me in touch with the next teacher.  Although they were great, these were not qualified teachers of Hungarian.  I wish I had a way of finding a native Hungarian teacher in my local area.

Luckily now there is an easy way to do this – the alliance of HungarianReference.com and Teacher Finder makes it easy to search for a teacher.

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