Discussion of LG BP630 and 42LF7700 problems

Below is a discussion I had with LG regarding some problems with my TV and BluRay player.
I reproduce it here hoping that it will be of use to others.LG

Chat Transcript
12:29:10 PM [Daniel Clarke] Hello, please help me with my BP630 DVD player

12:29:53 PM [LG Support] What seems to be the problem? :-)

12:30:11 PM [Daniel Clarke] We enjoy using the applications. BBC iPlayer, Netflix, etc

12:30:24 PM [Daniel Clarke] But there is no Channel 4OD player. How can I obtain it?

12:32:21 PM [LG Support] LG do not currently have the rights to 4od or itv player

12:32:32 PM [LG Support] there is no way to obtain them as of yet

12:32:55 PM [LG Support] LG are looking into getting these apps but there is no ETA

12:33:22 PM [Daniel Clarke] OK. Thanks for the info. Is there a way to be notified of when you do get them?

12:37:23 PM [LG Support] Unfortunately not. If you keep the software up to date. If we get them, they will load automatically

12:38:02 PM [Daniel Clarke] OK, thanks.

12:38:07 PM [Daniel Clarke] Next question please

12:38:39 PM [LG Support] no problem, go for it

12:38:43 PM [LG Support] :-)

12:38:43 PM [Daniel Clarke] Sometimes when we are watching material on the player – be that DVD, BluRay or via one of the many apps, the sound and/or picture drops out for about one second

12:39:07 PM [Daniel Clarke] Either the screen goes black and then returns, or the audio goes silent then returns, or both at once.

12:39:29 PM [LG Support] There are a couple of things we can try to resolve this

12:39:34 PM [Daniel Clarke] We know that it is not a fault in the source material because we rewind and play the same section again and it does not happen. Why is this occurring?

12:39:55 PM [LG Support] First, is it possible to try a different lead to see if the lead is possibly faulty

12:40:31 PM [LG Support] We can also perform a factory reset to try and resolve the issue

12:40:36 PM [Daniel Clarke] We have tried that, and have tried a different input socket on the TV. No effect.

12:43:10 PM [Daniel Clarke] Does performing a firmware upgrade have the same effect as a factory reset? If so, we have tried that too.

12:44:11 PM [LG Support] A firmware upgrade is for the software of the unit. The factory reset resets the unit and can help resolve any issues like this

12:44:27 PM [Daniel Clarke] OK. We will try that.

12:44:29 PM [Daniel Clarke] Thanks

12:44:42 PM [Daniel Clarke] Final question. Regading an LF7700-42 television.

12:45:27 PM [Daniel Clarke] When you are using the optical output to take digital audio to an AV receiver, there is a problem with the volume level sent to the receiver when you change to an HD channel.

12:45:54 PM [Daniel Clarke] It is very annoying to have to turn up the volume when we move from an SD channel to an HD channel. Please note that this is only affects the digital audio output from the TV sent to the AV receiver using the optical output, it does not occur if you are using the analogue headphone output. I don’t know if it occurs using the TV’s built-in speaker, mine is not working.

I know that there is an 8dB offset in volume because, in addition to hearing a sudden drop, when you change to an HD channel the AV receiver displays “-8dB offset”.

This affects BBC 1 & 2 HD and C4 HD. Not tried the other (limited) selection of HD channels.


12:46:44 PM [Daniel Clarke] This happens with 2 different AV amps. If this an artefact of the TV, of FreeSat’s signal, or of the channel’s broadcast material?

12:48:41 PM [LG Support] It can actually be a mixture of these issues

12:49:12 PM [LG Support] We know that most av receivers can have compatability issues with our tvs

12:49:42 PM [Daniel Clarke] Can you elaborate please?

12:50:40 PM [LG Support] Sometimes the sound quality can change between different programmes broadcasted

12:51:58 PM [Daniel Clarke] Understood – but if you use BBC1 & BBC1HD to test then that rules out this issue.

12:52:10 PM [LG Support] With our tvs, we advise the optical connections to be used with dvd/blu ray surround systems and soundbars

12:55:09 PM [Daniel Clarke] I don’t buy that. In the instruction manual you expressly state, “If you want to enjoy digital broadcasting through 5.1-channel speakers, connect the OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal on the back of TV to a Home Theater (or amp).”

12:56:34 PM [LG Support] But we are aware that some amps are incompatible with our TVs

12:57:36 PM [Daniel Clarke] I have tried with two amps – Denon AVR1910 and Marantz NR1504. The common factors are the TV and the source material (FreeSat).

12:59:31 PM [Daniel Clarke] It seems more likely to be a flaw in the way that the TV switches from Dolby Digital (when the source channel sends it) to PCM (when the source channel does not send DD).

01:01:09 PM [LG Support] You can set the sound to PCM or Auto on the TV

01:02:53 PM [Daniel Clarke] If the reason for the change in volume is indeed the TV’s switching from DD (HD channels) to PCM (SD channels), then setting the output flatly to PCM may cure the volume change problem. But this is not acceptable as I will lose the benefits of having a dolby digital source.

01:06:43 PM [LG Support] This is true, so it is likely to be the compatability with the amps

01:09:09 PM [Daniel Clarke] I have tried with two different amps from different makers. Same problem. This points to the TV being the culprit. Other than flatly using PCM, what is the cure please?

01:12:21 PM [LG Support] Unfortunately there is no cure

01:12:46 PM [Daniel Clarke] OK thanks

01:15:09 PM [LG Support]  

Your welcome. Thank you for contacting LG Electronics today, we hope this chat has been of assistance to you. Following this chat there is a short survey which scores me on my service provided to you today, I would appreciate Your time in completing this survey and helping LG Electronics to further improve its service, should you need to contact us again our opening hours are Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm & Sundays 11am-5pm, Thank you for choosing LG and have a Great day.

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  1. Roger


    My bp630 has just decided to stop powering up. Checked fuses but not even 7 months old. Any ideas apart from phoning LG tomorrow morning

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